ME conversations

One kind word

“Who’s next” I point at a girl standing in line “do you need to see a Doctor?” I wave my hand in frustration at her to come to window 5.
“Have you been here before?”
“I have taken 40 pandadol, 7 valium, a couple of boxes of neurofen” she goes on to tell me her grocer list of medication that she has put down her throat.
“Ok, I will get your clerical details and then send you to the triage nurse, she will look after you”.
“My date of birth is ../../….”
“ my surname is ………………………………….”
“my first name is…………………………………”
“I was born in Australia, I am not married, I don’t want to put down a religion and I am not Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander” this girl knows the registration questions better than me.
“and here is my medicare card, I have no health insurance.”
“Thanks love”
“What did you just say?”
“ummmm thanks”
“no the other word”
“no one has ever said that to me”
I look at her medicare card and the computer screen trying to hide my watery eyes, cause  what do I say to that. Handing her back the medicare card, I say “head over to window 1 and see the nurse”, I look her dead in the eye and say “take care”
“ You are a really nice lady.”
“mmm not always”.


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